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Financial Engines

Advice and resources to help you plan for and make the most of retirement.

No matter when you plan to retire, Financial Engines (FE) can help you on your journey. As a Hertz employee or dependent, you can get a lot from Financial Engines:

  • A personal Retirement Evaluation
  • Help choosing investments for your account
  • Updates on how your account is doing
  • Advisors you can call
  • Online tools to help you save and invest

From second opinions and strategies to comprehensive financial planning and everything in between, FE can help you. You’ll find more information about Financial Engines here.

You can also watch a Financial Engines webinar about saving for retirement. Click here to access it.

Empower Yourself

FE’s philosophy is about balancing risk, diversification, and cost-effectiveness to seek the best long-term outcome. So, whether you’re a do-it-yourself kind of planner or need a little more help, FE has you covered. You choose how much you want them to help:

  • Self-service (not much)
  • Professional management (a good amount)
  • Personal advisor (a lot)


Plan for retirement by yourself using FE’s professional-grade retirement planning tools and actionable advice. These tools are available to you at no cost when you’re enrolled in the Hertz Income Savings Plan, or the 401(k). Learn more here.

Professional Management

FE is unbiased and in your corner to help you develop your portfolio, personalized for your situation, goals, and preferences. You’ll get retirement planning and automated 401(k) management with Professional Management. And, their fees are lower than you’ll find elsewhere: no more than 0.60% of your annual account balance straight from your Hertz 401(k). Learn more here.

Personal Advisor

Want to work closely and develop a relationship with a financial planner? Then FE’s Personal Advisors are right for you. You’ll first meet with an advisor to discuss your situation, goals, and preferences, and you’ll get a comprehensive plan. Then, if you think it’s a good fit, you can keep working with your advisor, at which time you’ll pay a low fee of no more than 0.95% annually straight from your Hertz 401(k). Learn more here.


Financial Engines

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