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Life Insurance

Pays a benefit to your beneficiary if you die.

Basic Life Insurance

Hertz-paid life insurance provides one times your base annual pay at no cost to you. 

Supplemental Life Insurance

You have the opportunity to purchase Supplemental Life Insurance up to a maximum of six times your annual base salary, not to exceed $3 million for both Basic and Supplemental coverage. 

You can also cover your spouse/domestic partner and qualifying dependent children with Dependent Life Insurance. Contributions for Dependent Life Insurance are made on an after-tax basis.

Spouse/domestic partner coverage up to $50,000 is guaranteed; beyond that, you must prove their good health to Aetna. You can elect coverage for your child(ren) from $5,000 to $15,000 without any proof of good health.

More information will be made available when you enroll.

Evidence of Insurability (EOI)

Evidence of Insurability is how you prove your good health to Aetna.

If you're a new hire and enroll in Supplemental Life Insurance for the first time, you can elect coverage up to the lesser of five times your annual base pay or $300,000 without providing EOI.

If you're a current employee and are enrolling for the first time or if you choose to increase your Supplemental Life Insurance coverage by more than one times your annual base pay, EOI will be required for amounts above the guaranteed issue amount which is five times (5x) your annual base pay.

Additional Benefits

These benefits are automatically included with your basic life insurance.

Aetna Life Essentials

With your Aetna Life Insurance coverage, you also get access to tools and services to use today for a healthy, fulfilling life. Aetna Life Essentials offers a Care Advocacy Program, end of life support, and grief counseling. Click here to learn more.

Everest Funeral Planning Services

Your Aetna Life Insurance also includes funeral planning services through Everest. Everest gives you the information you need to make the best choices about funeral issues. They offer both pre-planning and at-need services at or near the time of need. Their online planning tools help you prepare for the future. At-need services include family support and pricing information. And Everest advisors are available by phone 24/7. Click here to learn more.

Travel Assistance Program

Your Aetna Life Insurance includes travel assistance. You can get help with medical or cash emergencies, evacuations, prescription refills, and more. The program even pays for a companion to accompany you if you need to be hospitalized for more than seven days. Click here to learn more.


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