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The Hertz Pension Plan is a defined benefit plan that is funded by Hertz.  The plan was frozen December 31, 2014. Employees who met the eligibility requirements of the plan prior to that date will continue as a member of the plan until their retirement or separation of service with Hertz. The plan will continue to provide interest credits for anyone who was in the plan at the time of the transition.

Members may access information on their accrued pension benefit at the Hertz Pension Center website. Information is immediately available at your fingertips.

Tools and Resources
  • View personalized information
  • Prepare retirement estimates
  • Apply for your retirement benefit online
  • Review important dates and alerts

Plan Information

The Summary Plan Description provides detailed information about the features and benefits of this plan.

Pre-1987 document

Post-1987 document

If You Need Additional Assistance

Call the Hertz Pension Center at 866-819-8399 whenever you have questions or need help with your pension benefit. Experienced representatives are ready to assist you between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.


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