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Wellness Program

Good health improves virtually every aspect of our personal and professional lives, and that’s good for you and for Hertz.

Through our mutual commitment to wellness, not only can we enhance our lives, but we’re better able to manage health care costs. The healthier you are, the less you and Hertz will spend on medical expenses throughout the year.

How It Works

Between July 1 and April 30, you’ll need to complete two wellness activities to earn a 2020-2021 medical premium reduction:

  1. Complete the online health risk assessment a confidential questionnaire about your health history, health status, and lifestyle. (Follow these simple steps to complete your Health Assessment.)
  2. See your doctor for an annual physical exam.

That's it! Simple and painless to complete.

Wellness Rewards

If you choose to participate in the Hertz Wellness Program, you’ll not only learn more about your health — you’ll also put money back in your pocket. You can reduce your medical plan premium by $50 a month by completing both activities. And, if you cover your spouse/domestic partner and you both complete the wellness activities, you’ll reduce your premiums by $100 a month.

This premium reduction will appear as a lower payroll deduction on your paycheck beginning in July of 2020.


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