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Health Reimbursement Account

Who is eligible for the HRA?

You’re only eligible to have an HRA if you’re enrolled in the Consumer Health Account Plan 1 or the Consumer Health Account Plan 2.

How does the HRA work?

Hertz contributes to your HRA when you enroll in the Consumer Health Account Plan 1 or Consumer Health Account Plan 2. You cannot contribute to it. 

When you file a medical claim, the administrator automatically deducts any costs you’re responsible for out of your HRA. You don’t have to show a card and you won’t have to pay for any eligible medical expenses until you’ve used all of the funds in your HRA.

If you don’t use all of your HRA dollars this plan year, they’ll roll over to the next plan year if you’re still enrolled in a Consumer Health Account Plan.

What is the company HRA contribution?

The contributions for both Consumer Health Account Plan 1 and Consumer Health Account Plan 2 are:

  • $600 for Employee Only coverage
  • $900 for Employee + 1 Dependent coverage
  • $1,200 for Employee + 2 or more Dependents coverage

If you're a new hire, contributions are pro-rated based on your effective date of coverage.

Can I contribute to the HRA?

No. Hertz contributes to your HRA. You cannot contribute to it.

What happens to my HRA if I terminate my employment?

Your HRA balance is forfeited. This account is not portable.

Can I have an HRA and a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA)?

Yes. You can have both an HRA and an HCFSA. The administrator will automatically deduct any costs you’re responsible for out of your HRA. Once your HRA dollars are used up, your HCFSA dollars will be automatically used to pay for eligible expenses. If you'd like to change this feature, you can do so in your account through the enrollment tool.

For more information about the HCFSA, read these FAQs and the eGuide.