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Benefits While on Leave

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If you're off of work on an approved leave of absence, this will impact your benefits. Most of the Hertz Custom Benefit Program group insurance benefits will continue up to a maximum of 24 months (or less if covered by a collective bargaining agreement that states less than 24 months) while you're on an approved leave of absence. Your portion of any insurance premiums will be deducted from any paychecks you receive from Hertz during your leave. For any week(s) in which you do not receive a paycheck from Hertz, your portion of any continued group insurance premiums will be waived.

There are exceptions to the 24-month time frame:

  • Flexible Spending Accounts 
    Benefits will only continue for the remainder of the plan year in which the leave of absence begins.

  • As of July 1, 2018: Allstate Benefits (Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, and Accident Insurance), Asurion ID Theft, Pet Insurance, and/or Auto/Home Insurance 
    You'll need to contact each carrier directly if you wish to make arrangements to pay for and continue coverage for these benefits while on leave. If you choose not to continue your voluntary benefits while on leave, you'll have a lapse in coverage and no claims will be covered during that period. These benefits will be reinstated after your return to work.

    If you're actively at work when you enroll in coverage and you're actively at work on the effective date of coverage, you're able to continue Allstate Benefits coverage while on a leave by means of direct bill. The coverage will remain active as long as Allstate continues to receive the premium.

  • Hyatt Legal 
    Benefits cannot be continued while on leave. Coverage will resume after you return to work.