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Health Advocate

Health Advocate provides help when you need it. 

Health Advocate is an independent company made up of health care professionals, such as nurses, doctors, psychologists, etc., who have expertise in the health care and health insurance fields, and knowledge of our benefit plans. They'll use that expertise to provide you and your family with confidential personal support when you experience a health care or health insurance related issue. And best of all, you work with the same Personal Health Advocate throughout the process.

You are automatically eligible to use Health Advocate, regardless of whether you have enrolled in one of our health care plans. There is no cost to you for using this service.

If your extended family has an issue, it can become your issue too. So we want to help you all. That's why Health Advocate is available to you, as well as your spouse, dependents, parents, and even your spouse's parents.

Health Advocate can assist you with:

  • Understanding your benefits.
  • Talking with an insurance company or claims administrator to get approvals for needed services.
  • Scheduling appointments with providers, including hard-to-reach specialists, or to arrange for specialized treatments and tests.
  • Figuring out insurance claims and/or billing issues.
  • Working through a medical issue regarding your parent or your spouse's parent.
  • Transferring medical records, x-rays, or lab results.
  • Solving a prescription drug issue.

For more information, read the Health Advocate Brochure, contact Health Advocate at 866-695-8622, or click here to visit their website.


Health Advocate