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Vision Plan plus additional vision benefits

Get the most from your vision benefits.

Vision coverage is offered through EyeMed and provides both in-network and out-of-network benefits. You'll receive a higher level of benefits when you go to an in-network provider. Here's an overview of the vision coverage.

The plan covers services such as:

•Annual exam
•Eye glasses
•Contact lenses
•Laser vision correction discount (in-network only)

Many nationally recognized providers such as Lens Crafters, Sears Optical, JC Penney Optical, Target Optical, and Pearl Vision are in EyeMed's network, as well as many independent optical locations.

Go to or call 1-866-723-0513 to find vision providers and plan details and to review your claims.

Refer to the Vision Plan Highlights Brochure for more details and the Hertz Custom Benefit Program Summary Plan Description (SPD) for complete benefit details.