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Medical Benefits

2019-2020 Plan Year

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See what’s new (2020-2021)

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The Hertz 401(k) Plan is now live at Fidelity!

It can be so satisfying when you put yourself and your financial future on the right track. Now that the transition to Fidelity is complete, it's time to take your next steps.
Log in to Fidelity NetBenefits®– Visit to set up your username and password so you can access your account. If you already have an existing account with Fidelity, your account has been updated to include the Hertz Plan using your current login information.

Form 1095-C will be available online through Businessolver on March 2, 2020

Form 1095-C will be available online through Businessolver on March 2, 2020. Please note that you do not need Form 1095 to file your taxes; the IRS has advised that income tax returns can be filed without Form 1095 by relying on statements or other information from your employer or insurance carrier indicating that you received ACA-compliant health coverage in 2019.

You will be able to access your Form 1095 from any location, including your mobile phone! Detailed instructions on how to access your Form 1095 are available here. While all forms will be available online, if you have not elected to receive your Form 1095 electronically (within the Businessolver website) your form will also be mailed to your home address on file.

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